• Sleepless nights. Zombie-like days.
  • Shock and awe. Nonstop crying.
  • Denial. Craving for what was.
  • Eventually, thoughts written on tiny pieces of paper. Everywhere.


Eventually, all papers congregated into one pile. And then, here it is: Raw and Unspoken: A memoir of Private Pain and Sorrow. Why raw and unspoken? It is the truth. The word raw possesses many definitions. It can mean in its natural condition or original state, or with the skin rubbed off and sore. It can mean abraded, uncomfortable, cold and damp, coarse, indecent, harsh or unfair, and the list goes on and on. Have you ever felt raw to the core? How much more down to the bone can one get?

Unspoken? Yes, the opposite of spoken. How does one have a voice when the worst of the worst happens? Does anyone really, really feel like listening to you over and again when it does happen? Well, I am speaking now!

You will read about the intensity of losing a loved one. Many readers may relate to these feelings, no matter what their circumstance.

In this case, you will read how it feels to lose an adult son to a sudden and tragic accident. The pages offer no magic potion on how to recover from this trauma as a survivor. You are offered openness, honesty and truth right down to the bone.

Raw and Unspoken is a tribute to the memory of my beloved son. I will always be proud of him as a man and of his military service to our country. I grieve hard because I love hard.